Smart Logistics Innovator !

Since 1974,Maeyama Warehouse Co.,Ltd. has been in line of business of logistic service where is locating in Northern Kanto plain in Japan.

We provide our valuable customer to a logistic service not only up-grade smart warehouse and transportation with GPS service but also inventory, distribution service.
This logistic business include EDI service (Electronic Data Interchange) through WMS (Warehouse management system) .and 3PL (Third Party Logistics) through SCM(supply chain management).

Now our core business moves into logistic SCM,3PL and global logistic service with high Valued technology like drone fright service with ICT(Information Communication and Technology.)
Surly in order to increase your sales and revenue for the products, we provide a customer's made new logistics system and service as a smart logistics innovator.

We make sure our company's accountability by valuing each product's character using latest logistic technology and formulating a system of merchandise management.

Our goal is to provide the best logistic service through customer's satisfaction.
Then our valued customer's product would be the best selling goods in the market.
That is our duty.

We cannot s_ccess the business without "U".


Maeyama Warehouse Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest logistic service company in Northern Kanto plain district area since 1974.
Our motto is to provide the best logistic service with customer orientated mind.

Company Profile

Name of cooperation Maeyama Warehouse Co.,Ltd.
Board of director Satoshi Maeyama Chief Operating Officer
Head office 1129 Kadoyama Bandou-City Ibaraki-Pre,306-0617 Japan
Sales office Kadoyama, Honsha, koushindaira, Iwai, Kutsukake, Wakabayashi, Ishige, Sendai Sales Office.
Capital Amount 24million Yen.
No. of Employee 250 Group total 500 employees.
Affiliated company Maeyama Transport Co.,Ltd.
Totsuka Transport Co.,Ltd.
Maeyama Auto Repair & Maintenance Co.,Ltd.
Sanyei Service cooperation. / Maeyama Eco Works Co.,Ltd.
Maeyama Asset Management Co.,ltd.
Maeyama Trading cooperation.
Nonbiri Hot Spring Co.,Ltd.

Line of Business

1. Inventory Control
2. Logistic Distribution Center of Metropolitan Tokyo.
3. 19 Warehouse Locations. Space 63,601m² with 109,441m² land.
4. Warehouse Management System(WMS)
5. Land Transportation
6. Logistic Service for Medical Equipment and Health Care.
7. Vital Document and File Holding Service.
8. Wrapping and Packing Service.
9. Import and Export customs clearance with bonded warehouse.
10. Vanning and Devanning container service.